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Spa Bar London Gel Manicure


Bio Sculpture is the Number 1 selling gel worldwide, due to its ongoing research. Which is why at SPA BAR we champion this product. It is a nail treatment that strengthens and promotes the growth of the natural nails. It can be cured under a U.V.A /LED light and is available in over 150 stunning colours.

A permanent nail colour that is hard wearing, non chipping, strong but flexible with a beautiful natural glossy finish. It's easy to soak off, leaving your natural nail undamaged. No overwhelming smells, no excessive buffing on the natural nails; therefore no damage and no nasty drills.

Treatments available with BioSculpture:

Full Set Gels

Full Set French

Gel Refill

Gel French Refill

Silk Wrap Gel Repair

Soak off

Full Set Gel Toes

Full Set French Toes