Spa Bar London

Spa Bar London Loyalty Scheme


At SPA BAR we reward loyalty; so if you LIKE us, we will LOVE you in return...easy!

Come in and ask about joining one of our loyalty schemes. For us, our “loyals” are treated like “royals”, and you decide which scheme suits you best.


A classic...every time you visit and enjoy a treatment, or spend over £20, you get an SB official stamp on your card. Collect 8 of these, and get 50% off your 9th treatment, that's right -half price! Then we’ll happily provide you with your next card too!


The "creme de la creme" of loyalty; we really get to know you with this one, we’re talking first name basis, coffee ready for you just how you like it, priority booking, special offers and treats. Plus the classic stamp system to give you 50% off your 9th treatment. This card can either be bought for £20 or you can earn this privilege by completing two stamp cards - as that way you have already become a VIP to us - awww!


"Like" us on Facebook and get 10% off your first treatment "Share" us with your friends on Facebook to receive 10% off your second treatment.

Follow us on twitter and hear what we're tweeting about. Want an early bird offer? Just follow us to get the news on great offers and prizes (exclusive to our followers.)

Instagram & Pinterest

Get involved! Post us your wackiest and seasonal nail art via Instagram or Pinterest. If we like what we see, we will not only share your creativity with the rest of our followers but you will gain a stamp for having a real passion for nail fashion!