Spa Bar London

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Spa Bar has been created to deliver a unique experience at all levels.

From the moment you enter our nail bar you can feel the difference. From our skilled and welcoming team, the bespoke hand crafted pedicure station, free wifi, the coffee we serve, to our exclusive custom built nail bar -these small things make Spa Bar the big difference on your high street.

Nail treatments are little pleasures everyone can afford, our manicure and pedicure treatment menu offers something to suit everybody. With our professional service we offer personalised products from trusted brands like OPI, Biosculpture and Shellac.

I wanted more from the high street nail bar experience; for it to be more than just about the colour of my nails. I was looking for:

My manicure to be carried out efficiently.
To be dealt with in a proficient manner.
To feel special, welcomed and valued as a customer.
To communicate at a social level with my nail technician.
A clean hygienic environment, where my pedicure felt like a treat.
To purchase quality aftercare products catered to my specific needs whilst maintaining my treatment.

Was I asking for too much? To look better but to feel better too?

This prompted me to create Spa Bar. Based in Northwood - a stone's throw away from Moor Park, Rickmansworth and Watford. We are a unique high street nail bar to offer a little indulgence with your manicure.

Our aim? to offer you the highest quality nail, lash and brow treatments. Book your appointment today or walk in to Northwood's first chic nail lounge.